Civil Registry
Marriage Registration

For a marriage celebrated abroad, to be valid in Bolivia, it must be registered with the Consulate of Bolivia. To register your marriage at the Consulate of the Plurinational State of Bolivia must meet the following requirements , no exceptions : Certificate of Marriage Document must be c [ ... ]

Child Registration For Dual Citizenship

Children born abroad of a Bolivian parent have the right to obtain Bolivian citizenship. This condition is formalized through registration of the minor before a Bolivian consular representation. REQUIREMENTS The minor must be under 18 years of age Original and Photocopy of B [ ... ]

Marriage Celebration

Information on marriage celebrations at the Consulate of Bolivia. A Marriage Celebration is a legal act by which two persons of opposite sex who meet the requirements set by law, go before a Consular Officer to request record that decision in the accompanying book, constituting a [ ... ]